Mr. Colin Window
Mr. Colin Window Mr. Colin Window
13th January 1913 - 29th March 2000
Secretary with 25 years' service

Mr. Colin Window, Company Secretary and Assistant Manager of Airlines of South Australia, was a foundation member of the A.T.I. 25 Years' Service Club.

His long administrative career with airlines in South Australia began when he joined Guinea Airways in May, 1938. Apart from a short working spell in Melbourne, Mr. Window, a South Australian by birth, has been based in Adelaide.
As Company Secretary he controlled Airlines of South Australia's financial operations and financial planning, and the fulfilment of its legal obligations. Mr. Window was an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

As Assistant Manager, he helped Mr. Mick Connelly with overall administration. But that is far from the full story of his business activities. As Mr Window pointed out a company secretary with ASA lived a happily varied life. "For example, I looked after a party of travel agents on a visit to Port Lincoln, and visited Whyalla to analyse business potential in this fast-growing city."

On the administrative side Mr. Window was the longest serving executive in the company. Two pilots, Captains Bill Booth and N.S.D. (Nobby) Buckley, were the only people still with the company who joined earlier, in 1937.

Mr. Window joined Guinea Airways as a clerk, and quickly became assistant accountant. During the war Guinea formed a separate section to fulfil a contract for the overhaul of service aircraft, and Mr. Window was put in charge of aspects such as financial control, and spares supply.

After the war, the contract was cancelled, and for some months, Mr. Window worked as an accountant in Melbourne before returning to Adelaide in 1947 to rejoin Guinea.

Then came his promotion to Company Secretary for Guinea Airways, which was acquired by A.T.I.. in 1959. In January, 1960, the company was renamed Airlines of South Australia, adopting the giant wedge tail eagle as its emblem, and Mr. Window continued as Secretary.

Above was reproduced from "Skyways" magazine.

Mr. Colin Window was very proud of his association with Airlines of South Australia. He retired in 1976 after a very successful career with Guinea Airways and Airlines of South Australia.