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  Spirits of Ansett 2001 marked the end of an era in Australian aviation. Ansett Australia the airline many of us had grown up with was in the hands of an Administrator. This website is dedicated to all the staff who worked for Ansett Transport Industries and its Subsidiary Airlines.

You are invited to see how this great Airline developed through the persistence, determination and hard work of one man and his dedicated empoyees.
» Which Airline operated the first scheduled air service in Australia? No, it wasn't QANTAS. See Legends of Ansett for the answer to this question from Ansett Historian, Fred Niven.
» Kenneth Bond OAM worked for Sir Reginald Ansett. He joined Ansett Airways in Hamilton, Victoria on 2nd April 1940. Ken spoke at the Sir Norman Brearley Oration for the Civil Aviation Historical Society of Western Australian Inc. on 28th August 2002. The address he gave was about Sir Reginald Ansett. 
» The DC2, VH-UYC (Kyeema) departed Parafield Airport for Essendon just before midday on 25th October 1938. The aircraft never arrived at Essendon Airport. The Kyeema crashed into Mt Dandenong, killing all onboard. As a result of this tragic event Australian aviation history would change dramtically. Read MacArthur Job's account of his report on the crash of the Kyeema. Our thanks go to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and MacArthur Job for permission to use this article. (Flight Safety Australia, November 1998) 
» To mark the seventieth anniversary of the Kyeema air crash Phillip Dutton, Principal of Burgmann College – ANU, Canberra gave the CAS Hawker Memorial Trust Scholarship Presentation on Sunday 24th August 2008. Charles Allan Seymour Hawker MHR, was one of the passengers killed in the crash. Our thanks go to Phillip Dutton for permission to reproduce his presentation. 
» Photos of Convair 440 - VH-BZN and VH-BZF (History of ASA) Photos were taken by Alan Lawson. 
» Tom Ballantyne started his newspaper career as a 16 year old in Scotland. Based in Sydney. Tom has been writing about the travel and aviation industry for more than two decades. Tom is one of the most respected aviation journalists in the world. He is the winner of many awards including the Royal Aeronautical Society's Aerospace Journalist of the Year awards. Read Tom's account of 'What Really Went Wrong at Ansett?' 
» Fred Niven (Ansett Historian) has produced a USB containing the history of Ansett, which contains photos, documents, history of Ansett aircraft, early video footage and much more. If you would like a copy go to Fred's page.  
» 'An Iconic Airline' – The story of Airlines of South Australia, written by Nigel Daw and Jim Evans is still available. If you would like a copy go to Iconic Airline for details. 
» Helena Steel released a book 'After Ansett – Careers of Strength and Spirit.' As one of the senior Human Resource executives, Helena had the unenviable task of creating a Call centre of 30 Ansett staff to handle the calls from 17,000 employees. This book is a must read for all former employees of Ansett and anyone contemplating a career change or going through a redundancy. If you would like a copy click on form for details on how to purchase a copy. More information go to http://www.afteransett.com 
» On Saturday 10th September 2011 a reunion was held at the Morphetville Racecourse. The reunion which was attended by 480 marked 10 years since the demise of Ansett. Photos taken at this event will be added progressively to the website in 2013. (Note – A DVD was going to be produced of photos taken at the Ansett Reunion plus photos and video footage of Ansett commercial etc. These items will now appear on the web site. This is a long term project.) 
» Fifty years ago in October 1964, ANSETT-ANA flew the first Boeing 727-100 series into Australia. The aircraft registration was VH-RME. This was the first domestic jet airliner to arrive in Australia.
» Please note the Spirits of Ansett Luncheon for 2016 will be held at the Marion Hotel on Thursday, 13th October. Time: 1130 for 1230 start. All welcome! No bookings required but would appreciate an email to [email protected] if you are coming by 10th October.

Please check the news page for the eightieth Celebration of Ansett First Flight. This will be held at the Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum on 20th February 2016.
» 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the Spirits of Ansett luncheons. Information on how this event came about go to Spirits of Ansett
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