Hi Spirits,
We are now planning for the Spirits Luncheon, and like we always do, are looking forward to seeing you again.

Call it living in the past if you like. However, it recalls pleasant memories of people, long time unseen, friendships that have stood the test of time and more importantly, makes us acutely aware of just how much other people can affect our lives over our life time.

All of this is embodied in the phrase “life in Ansett.”

Looking back on the experiences we had on a day-to-day basis many of us saw first hand Australian history in the making. At the time it was all in a day’s work and did not seem all that important at the time. Mark you, sometimes we wondered if we were ever going to get out of the mess in which we seemed to be embroiled; so much for the daydreaming- back to the future.

Now for the Luncheon! When Trevor contacted the Golf Club we received a few surprises.

The cost of the luncheon as we have known it has escalated prohibitively.

A deal has been reached with the Golf Club, which we as your committee can live with as a compromise.

As you can see from the invitation it is main course, sweets and tea or coffee.

From our accumulated funds we are going to subsidise the meal again this year and thus keep the cost to thirty dollars per person, as was the case last year. 

Furthermore, this years raffle will be free and on a reduced scale allowing more time for socialisation, after all that is what we are principally there for in the first place.

Our mail out this year has been severely reduced. It has been obvious that many people on our mailing list [approx 500] have shown little or no interest for whatever reason and we have taken cost saving measures.

When considering all the factors associated with this event it is becoming very obvious to the committee that this function may well be drawing to a close.   

I guess it can all be summed up with the cliché – “times are a changing”.   

Yours sincerely,
Bob Birks                          

Its OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK    1030-1630hrs                

One item of news in which you may be interested is that the South Australian Aviation Museum has recently been officially reopened at its new location in Lipson Street, Port Adelaide. 

You may remember that it had to be relocated due to the building of the new bridges over the Port River. This monumental task of packing, moving and unpacking is now complete.

The museum is a registered Museum run by a membership of around 100 people. There are some highly skilled trade’s people, who, over the years have done a lot of restoration work on aircraft which have come out of crash sites. However one does not have to be skilled to participate and have something to do. Apart from being in an aircraft environment, in which we have spent most of our working lives, we are constantly meeting people who have had a big input into the industry throughout their lives.

We are now in a unique situation in that there are three major Museums in the one street: namely the Maritime Museum, The National Rail Museum and The South Australian Aviation Museum.

It is well worth a visit, particularly since we are in our new home.    

Call in and say G’day  
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The “Spirits” Committee 2006 invites you to join them for this year’s annual luncheon to be held at   THE GRANGE GOLF CLUB
[Enter off Trimmer Parade]  

Thursday 12th October  

Meet from 1100 hours  

Lunch at 1230 hours  

$30-00 per person [Excludes drinks]  

Main Course – Sweets – Tea, Coffee & mints  

R.S.V.P by 6th October

I/ We will be attending the “Spirits” luncheon on Thursday 12th October 2006  
Mr/Mrs/Miss …………………………………………………………..  
Telephone ……………………………………………………………….  
Number attending ……………. [      ]  

Please forward your cheque or money order
Made out to “Spirits of Ansett” - and send it to  

The Spirits of Ansett

Telephone Enquiries
[From Sept]
Bob Birks 8396 6846