News : Aviation Museum
Volunteers required for Aviation Museum
A group of very dedicated ex Ansett staff in Melbourne are in the process of starting an Aviation Museum. The museum would be situated in Melbourne, as that is where head office was.  
The group in Melbourne are looking for sub-committees in the different states who would collect and catalogue airline photos, articles, uniforms and anything that would be relevant to the airlines operating in Australia. It would probably be best to have these sub-committees made up of people from various departments, for example - flight attendants, customer service, ramp, maintenance and catering and so on. 
If anyone is interested would they please email [email protected]  by 30th June 2003. I would appreciate if you could pass this onto any ex Ansett staff who are not on the internet.
When these committees are up and running we will ask for any items that you might want to donate to the Museum in Melbourne.  
John Schulze
Website Coordinator