President's Report Ansett Down to Earth Club
2001 will go down in history as one of the saddest years for many people all over the world. The tragic events of September 11th 2001 were followed the next day, by the beginning of the end of our wonderful airline. Ansett had been such a big important part of our lives, both while we were flying and as shared memories as members of our Ansett Down to Earth Club.

Our hearts go out to our members who were still flying or working in other capacities when the hangar doors closed for the last time.

We agreed at a subsequent committee meeting that present members of the club should try to contact as many of the flight attendants who were disenfranchised in the Ansett collapse, with a view to joining the club. The $15 fee will be waived if they are suffering hardship, and we have pledged to try to help them in any way possible.

Now, back to the normal President's report-

Our 2001 AGM was held on July 31st, Radisson Playford (28 attended.) It was decided to remain with MS Society and Juvenile Diabetes as our charities for 2001 – 2002. We would also supply St. Lukes Mission with tinned food, also we would contact them to find other needs. Letters of thanks received.

On May 22nd 2002 we had yet another monster success with our fund raising event at the Trak Cinema. It was a Russian Afffair with our wonderful raffle ticket sellers making $700 for the raffle alone. Virgin Blue were encouraged to donate a flight to Melbourne which, with our other great prizes, ensured the icing on the cake on top of the film, the superb sandwiches made by our own incredible committee and the generosity of the SA wine companies. The amount raised for the night was about $3000. Exact amount in the Treasurers Report.

On August 24th 2001, under Von Swaine's guidance and persuasive nature, some committee members braved the early morning air to sell Daffodil emblems on Daffodil Day.

They raised $1985.85. Great effort! A special pat on the back for Pam Ellis's husband Trevor Lanyon. Rob Everitt's husband David and Jan Byrnes neighbour Rosemary. Speaking of Von Swaine, her newsletters, which are the lifeline of the club have brought messages of admiration from all over Australia from other Club Presidents and Newsletter writers who eagerly look forward, as we do to her next masterpiece!

On the weekend of October 19th 2001, some of us managed to get to The Club Re-union in Brisbane. Numbers were down because of the Ansett collapse but a lovely time was had by those of us who attended. Congratulations to the Brisbane committee who somehow managed to overcome the dreadful difficulties caused by September's tragic events. We are looking forward to Perth in 2003.

Our Christmas Dinner at Tiffins on the Park was held on December 3rd. Another big success. (28 attended) Much laughter, and a good time enjoyed by all.

In March 2002, we had a Sunday brunch at Tiffins on the Park. (25 attended) Jan Graham, WA's vivacious and funloving newsletter writer was among those present. Also Val Meginess who had just completed 40 years flying almost to the day that Ansett closed down. Two other Flight Attendants, who were still flying after long careers with Ansett, were Jeanette Humphrey and Margaret Fenn. We welcome them. It was also great to see Julie Barns and Viv (Shennan) who was over from Melbourne.

Sadly Jan Ignatius's husband passed away after a painful illness. John had been a kind of honorary member for some years because of the terrific assistance which he always provided whenever required. We will miss him – but we will always remember you, St, Ignatius.

I must thank my two voices, Von and Trish who have once again performed beyond the call of duty, Marie Smith, our Treasurer who I doubt if we can do without. Also, Pam Howard who was able to come back to us as Secretary.

Once again, the incredible committee of the Ansett Down to Earth Club SA Branch has proved that they are generous, courageous, caring and supportive of each other while retaining their sense of humour. Well done everyone! It is up to us to keep the memories alive!

Nan Witcomb (President Ansett Down to Earth Club SA Branch) 7th August 2002

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